How to Measure

If you ever get caught up on a measurement question, please feel free to contact the design department at (727) 286-6775

  • Draw an outline of your kitchen layout, or shape of the room, marking where the walls are.

  • Mark where any windows or doorways are in your kitchen and label them.

  • Mark your cabinet layout. This could be your current layout, or if you’re looking to change, your desired cabinet layout.

  • Mark where appliances are/will be and label them.

  • Now you can take your measuring tape and measure the following. *Note: measurements don’t have to be precise to the 1/10th inch, you can round to the nearest number.

  • Measure windows and doorways from outer trim to outer trim (instead of just the window opening) and label the measurements.

  • Measure walls to outer trims of windows/doors, or wall to wall if there are no other wall openings.

  • Measure floor to ceiling. Measure all corners as some corners may be higher or lower than previous measurement.

  • In your sketch, mark whether an area has upper cabinets or lower cabinets (or both).

  • Measure the depth of your counter from edge to wall (this will help us with knowing which cabinets are best).

  • Take pictures of your current layout. We recommend taking a couple from different angles in the room to help our designers see how everything fits together in conjunction with your measurements.

  • Measure Height of existing Sink Drain- A optimal height is 16 ½ inches from Floor to center of drain. Considering a 9 to10-inch deep undermount sink.